As spring dies out, summer shines through.

Sunshine and showers, weather changes with the hours.

Barbeques, brollies and ice cream on your jollies.

Long days and light nights, watch out for midge bites!

Washing blows dry under a blue sky.

Lawnmowers hum as the grass gets done.

Flowers bloom … but it’ll be over too soon.

Autumn’ll creep in, summer’ll give in


Because I’ve learnt the value of family and friends

Dedicated to all those who have been there for me……you know who you are!


It may look like…

It may look like I’m coping,

But inside I’m actually grieving.

It may look like I’m smiling,

But inside I’m actually weeping.

It may look like I’m all together,

But inside I’m actually breaking.

You may think I’m strong,

And walk away without me.

But please see that I’m shaking,

And continue on beside me.

On oldie

I used to have lots of greyhound mates,

Together we would race and chase,

Until I could no longer keep up the pace

Suddenly I was all alone

I sniffed and walked,

But found no one I’d known

I cried and whined,

All on my own

The cold, dusty pavements were my bed,

The damp, dirty dustbins were my dinner,

And all because I was no longer a winner

Then a guardian angel came my way,

Her name is Debs Rothary

She made me welcome at a place called Tia,

Along you came and found me here

You all had so much love to give,

It brought back mystrength and will to live

Now I’m content, think I’ve found gold,

Happy to know my story’s been told.

In memory of a faithful companion

Burst of creative inspiration today…..

….. so here’s 2 of my spring ramblings and one serious piece to start this blog off

Green fields

Grazing sheep

New born lambs

Finding their feet

(Do lambs have feet??? Or are they hooves? Mind you surely I can get away with it if it’s wrong… my excuse being I’m a writer using an idiomatic expression!)

The sun on your face

The breeze in your hair

What a great feeling

Walking in the fresh spring air

I look in the mirror

It’s no longer me

It’s what this illness

Has done to me

If I could open my mind

What would I see?

The ravages illness

Has wrought in me