On oldie

I used to have lots of greyhound mates,

Together we would race and chase,

Until I could no longer keep up the pace

Suddenly I was all alone

I sniffed and walked,

But found no one I’d known

I cried and whined,

All on my own

The cold, dusty pavements were my bed,

The damp, dirty dustbins were my dinner,

And all because I was no longer a winner

Then a guardian angel came my way,

Her name is Debs Rothary

She made me welcome at a place called Tia,

Along you came and found me here

You all had so much love to give,

It brought back mystrength and will to live

Now I’m content, think I’ve found gold,

Happy to know my story’s been told.

In memory of a faithful companion

3 thoughts on “On oldie

  1. this one got published in the Tia 10 Year Anniversary book too, RIP my brindle boy, miss you everyday xxxx


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