Castles in the sky

An emotional one

Each day I keep dreaming of my castle in the sky

As I fight on through the endless hows and whys

As I flounder through the mire of unfulfilled desires

Carrying the pain which against me does conspire

Though soul drained and deadened by the struggle

As an empty shell I will not crumble

For all the while I keep breathing

I know I’ll strive to keep believing

Of that castle

In the sky

5 thoughts on “Castles in the sky

  1. Rachael,
    What I would not do to try to ease your pain. I hear your struggle but there is hope in this poem, your picture is a beautiful one of the castle and I pray that you will continue to believe in that castle in the sky. Reach for it and you have many friends who are here to help you anytime you need to vent or to talk. My email is here if you need to talk anytime. Love Maire xx


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