…can be deceptive

Every person

Each life

Never quite

Free of strife

Behind appearances

Reality bites

Though you feel alone

You’re not on your own

It’s never just you

Battered by life


4 thoughts on “Appearances…

  1. Rach,
    You are never alone with a wonderful parents and now that you are one of us splinters, you will get lots of support. You fit really well with the group and you have a gift with words to express what so many cannot, your writing will sustain you in hard times and be a gift when you are feeling good. We are all here for you, we know Katharine a while and understand when you get low and are ready to help and support.
    Really like this poem:)) It does show your strength and your understanding/compassion that nobody has an easy life all of the time, we all have to work on it. Maire x


    1. Thank you so much Maire, without support it wouldn’t be worth it
      Sleep well fellow splinter


  2. As a mother no doubt it seems to you I’ve had more than my fair share. But what choice but to soldier on? Thank you for the wrting talent you’ve passed on, it’s my saving grace


  3. Very true although it does seem you are the only one sometimes
    I think its safe to say that some people have more than their fair share and as a mother think its especually true of you and your situation.
    This poem I feel shows how strong and determined a person you are and how you manage to see other peoples problems and empathise in spite of the fact you have a lot of things to deal with yourself.
    A very nice poem


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