Flying Free


Swoop and soar

Through white clouds,

Calling shrilly

From above.


Blue sky

Soaks seamlessly

Into a sea

Of gently

Lapping waves.


Moored boats

Bob steadily

Up and down,

Sails creaking

In the breeze.


The air

Tastes damp

And salty

On my tongue.


In my mind

That’s where I am.


Not here,

Laid under glaring lights

Listening to machines

Whirr and beep.


Not here,

In this hospital bed

Chained still

By tubes and drips.


In my mind

I fly free. ©




Have you?


Have you ever

Had your new life packed in boxes

And airmailed home?

Have you ever

Listened to your doctor break the news

And had your world come crashing down?

Have you ever

Dreamt of holding your child in your arms

But known it will never happen?

Have you ever

Wondered just how much more

You can lose?

Have you ever

Thought ‘I can’t do this anymore’

But still carried on?


I have

Have you? ©