My novel, “Find My Baby,” is finally releasing!

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Zachary and Lucy Foxborne just want a child. Despite the not so subtle objections of friends and relatives, they begin navigating the legal and bureaucratic maze of international adoption. The last obstacle they expected was having their adopted child held for ransom by an elite hacker, bent on translating the arcane text of a 600-year-old book that could unlock the power to destroy the planet. With time running out, Zachary finds desperation is his most useful ally.

Find My Baby is a novel I drafted in 2010 and continued to rework and rewrite until it was the story I knew it should be. It is loosely based on the experiences of my wife and me, adopting our son in Ukraine, and leverages my 18 years of technical background when working for Microsoft Corporation. While the story does have hi-tech espionage and extortion, the terminology is kept to layman terms and…

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Haiku and senryu published

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