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hedgerow #30

Published today in the new issue of Hedgerow

hedgerow: a journal of small poems

welcome to the 30th issue of hedgerow! we celebrate this milestone with the launch of ‘poet / artist spotlight’ featuring work by four artists. do have a peek! (https://hedgerowpoems.wordpress.com/poet-artist-spotlight/). also a huge thank you to all of you who have continued to support hedgerow week after week… reading, sharing & contributing!

with love & kindness.

s u b w a y |everyone|crammed|sofarapart


low in the bat sky a talon moon


deserted trail
a wagtail
makes way

David Serjeant lives in Derbyshire, UK. He is the current editor of Blithe Spirit, journal of the British Haiku Society. His interests include photography and pottering about (escaping everything) on his allotment. He publishes poetry and works in progress at http://distantlightning.blogspot.co.uk/ He also writes about his experiences with multiple sclerosis at https://davesmagicalbrain.wordpress.com/


Debbie Strange (Canada) is a published tanka and haiku poet and an avid photographer. She enjoys creating haiga and tanshi…

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