Yay it’s Friday! Time for a new issue of Hedgerow: a journal of small poems Very pleased to appear in #42! Happy reading all

hedgerow: a journal of small poems

welcome to #42 of hedgerow. this week features the watercolour series by august’s resident artist Debbie Strange, along with work by five different poets. thanks everyone for being here.

with love & kindness…

brook song
the forsythia’s
first yellow buds


at the muddy end
of a walking stick
wild oats

Anna Cates resides in Wilmington, Ohio with her two cats, Freddie and Christine, writes. She holds an M.F.A. in Creative Writing, and several other advanced degrees related to English studies, and teaches English online for several universities. She is a regular contributor to short form poetry publications, and her first full length collection of haiku and other poems, “The Meaning of Life,” from Cyberwit.net, is now available on Amazon.

poem published in Acorn, Number 34, Spring 2015

Winnie the Pooh country
we cross paths with
a woolly bear

David J Kelly lives and works in Dublin, Ireland, where he…

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