The Autumn 2016 Showcase is now published

Pleased to feature in the Zen Space Autumn Showcase today!

summer’s end
stealing every summit
morning mist
evening shadows
falling through
the valley
mountain climb
at the summit
our deep breath
snow on the peaks
these piles of rice
on my plate
sunlight through mist
the mountain returns
one stone at a time
mountain trail
a faded cap
at the summit

Rachel Sutcliffe

Zen Space Autumn 2016

the zen space

cote-6-mother-and-son-at-selfoss-detailWe have a wonderful Showcase this time, thanks to our Guest Editor Ray Sharp. He has brought a fresh approach to the zen space – fewer contributors but more poems from each of them, plus some wonderful artwork by Cynthia Coté, with an Icelandic theme.

To visit the Showcase, hover your cursor over the ‘Experience’ tab and scroll down, or go here.

If you’re a new visitor, why not have a ramble through our archives.

the zen space

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