Autumn issue of Bamboo Hut


Proud to feature in the Autumn issue of Bamboo Hut today!

a different song
at sunrise
start of spring

your laboured breath
the screech of an owl
at sunset

given the night
yet still the candle

the silent alley
a chill wind howls
through hollowness

dew drops drip
from the daffodil’s head
snow lines the shadows

another year
still you smile at me
from the frame

open door
wind chimes sing
in spring

sail boats bob
rippling starlight
darkness splashes

sunlit stream
the young pup runs
after his reflection

still snowing
I sink deeper
into silence

Rachel Sutcliffe

Bamboo Hut September 2016





2 thoughts on “Autumn issue of Bamboo Hut

  1. Congratulations. Some lovely descriptive and evocotive language.
    I particularly like the one about the picture frame and the one about the Daffodils.
    Mum x


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