Haiku in The Workplace


Delighted to appear once again today in Jim Kacian’s Haiku in The Workplace 



before asking me

to work his hours

the co worker’s praise



Rachel Sutcliffe

Haiku Foundation Haiku in the Workplace 15/11/17


November Prune Juice available now!

Delighted to appear in the November issue of Prune Juice:
after dark
I relive it all
much frailer now
my former self hangs
off the frame
my smile
no longer reaching
the corners
clearing vines
off the trellis
my tangled thoughts

Rachel Sutcliffe
Prune Juice November 2017

Prune Juice Journal of Senryu & Related Forms

The November issue of Prune Juice is now available, including the result of the second annual Jane Reichhold Memorial Haiga Competition.  Check it out here: https://prunejuice.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/pj-231.pdf

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Issue 23 is UP!!!

Very pleased to appear in the November issue of Failed Haiku

our priorities
drifting clouds

wood smoke wind
the fireworks
of childhood

so many
hard rain

your voice
on the phone
mist darkens day

snow on snow
watching logs shift
in the hearth

Rachel Sutcliffe
Failed Haiku November 2017

failed haiku - a journal of English Senryu

The new issue is UP, and the results of the Haiga Contest are now available!!! 


Been a tough month with the Internet, but I finally got everything uploaded a few minutes ago. 



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