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  1. aloha ProjectWords11 (Rachel). your ”bits and bobs” set the mark high for me—thank you. thank you for all you share. i have an understanding of a number of the Haiku and Related Forms. however i am constantly (it seems to me) learning new Haiku and Related Forms, the names of these forms, and a sense of what makes them valid and valued, in the presentation of that form. i too at times post haiku or senyru under (or over) an image. this is clearly different than haiga of course—even when the two might make a good haiga if combined into one work. what i don’t know (among many things) is if there is a form name for this presentation. do you know of a form name for this presentation? it seems to me, it is becoming a form, if it is not already one. if there is no form name that you know of, do you have a form name you call it? thank you for any insight you can share with me on this (off?) topic subject. aloha r


      1. thank you. yeah, I’m not anywhere near being an expert either. i often start doing something and then later find out that it’s been being done for centuries and has a name. i thought maybe i’d get ahead of that pattern this time if i could. ha on me. thank you. aloha r.


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