Delighted to appear in the new issue of Creatrix!

evening rain
driving over the moon
in a pothole

early spring
the snowman shrinks
before my eyes

the long journey
down our path
this snail

Rachel Sutcliffe

Creatrix 41 June 2018


It’s a dog’s life

Dedicated to Holly and Murphy, my inspirations, with love

Walking in the park,

Giving a friendly bark.


Playing with my stick,

Learning a great new trick.


Jumping up with glee,

Settling on a comfy knee.


Running off my lead,

Eating an interesting weed.


Trying to catch a bird,

Ignoring the ‘no’ word.


Wolfing down my tea,

Chasing a buzzing bee.


Curling up with my mate,

Enjoying a perfect date.


Snuggling in a heap,

Snoring in my sleep.


Dozing through dawn,

Waking with a yawn.


Looking forward to another day,

Knowing this life’s ok.