Danny the double decker bus


I currently feel so far removed from the person I once was., I’m trying to figure out where I am now and who I will be…..so here’s another story

Danny the double decker bus

Danny loves being a double decker bus.  He is proud to be the only double decker in town. As he drives around he towers above all the single deckers, the people in their cars and cyclists on their bikes. 


Each morning he leaves the bus depot looking forward to the day ahead.  He sets off on his route, pulling in at all his stops along the way and being greeted by smiling passengers, pleased to see their favourite bus. 

Everyone loves Danny.  Children squeal in excitement and beg parents to take them upstairs.  Teenagers sit at the back of the top deck, feeling important as they look down on everyone below. Downstairs all the elderly folk can easily find a comfy nearby seat and there’s still lots of room left over for mums with their buggies and shopping.

Today though Danny is worried.  There are rumours he’s being taken off his job and being replaced by Steve, the fast younger single decker. But everyone loves me Danny cries! Too late, the manager has made up his mind.  Danny is too old, slow and cumbersome to carry on in the busy city. Steve is much sleeker and speedier and more suited to the job.

Buy maybe all is not yet lost.  The manager tells Danny he had a new job for him, as a day tripper bus.  He thinks Dan’s leisurely pace, spacious size and passenger popularity is perfect for day trips to the seaside.  Danny isn’t so sure

Now though Danny can’t believe his luck.  Every day he gets to escape the noisy, dirty city with his seats full of happy relaxed day trippers and spend a leisurely day out by the sea.  Danny was so sad when he found out Steve was replacing him; he thought he’d never be this happy again. 

The end

Story time

A change from my poems…for the child in you

The Sad Snowflake

Snowy was a beautiful, crisp white snowflake.

But he was a sad snowflake. 

Why I hear you ask? 

 Because Snowy could make all his friends smile.

But he couldn’t make himself smile.

When Rainy the raindrop was sad because nobody was playing in his puddles, Snowy and his friend Icy the icicle made some multi coloured ice cubes to cheer Rainy up. 

Rainy smiled as he watched them melt into pretty puddles that everyone wanted to play in.

When Sunny the sunbeam was sad because everyone was too hot to work, Snowy sent out his cool friend Breezy to fill the stuffy offices with cool air. 

 Sunny smiled as he saw everyone, now cool and refreshed, quickly finish their work and go home to sit in their sunny gardens. 

When Cloudy the storm cloud was sad because everyone was looking at the sky wishing the storm would end, Snowy asked his friend Rainbow to appear.

Cloudy smiled as everyone’s grumpy faces quickly turn to smiley faces when they saw the beautiful colours in the sky.

However Snowy’s friends all worried about Snowy because he never smiled.

So they arranged a Smiley Meeting to decide what they could do. 

After much discussion they decided to collect all the Smiley Feelings they could find.

Then they made them into a special Smiley Soup. 

From that day onwards, whenever Snowy feels sad, he sips his special soup and is filled full of warm, smiley feelings.

The end

On oldie

I used to have lots of greyhound mates,

Together we would race and chase,

Until I could no longer keep up the pace

Suddenly I was all alone

I sniffed and walked,

But found no one I’d known

I cried and whined,

All on my own

The cold, dusty pavements were my bed,

The damp, dirty dustbins were my dinner,

And all because I was no longer a winner

Then a guardian angel came my way,

Her name is Debs Rothary

She made me welcome at a place called Tia,

Along you came and found me here

You all had so much love to give,

It brought back mystrength and will to live

Now I’m content, think I’ve found gold,

Happy to know my story’s been told.

In memory of a faithful companion