as yet unseen

daylight tiptoes

across the sky




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Thrilled to appear in the new issue of Scryptic,which also includes a review of my first ever e book on page 156 thanks to Chase & Lori! !


these fears

the unreached depths

of the lake


night of your passing

a single star

fills the sky


just waiting

for the darkness

hidden memories


that argument again

the crack

of thin ice


twisted branches

in the twilight

how I shiver



my story scrawled

in red


another IV

silent drops fall

from my face


searching for you

each grave leads deeper

into the mist


lilies opening the pain of your absence


your birthday again

all the candles

you’ll never light


Rachel Sutcliffe

Scryptic June 2018

Rachel Sutcliffe

Flying Free A Poetic Response to Illness Misfit books June 2018

World Haiku Review


Delighted to appear in the March issue of World Haiku Review today with several awards


Neo-classical Haiku Third Place-

late autumn

day and night merge

into mist


Shintai Haiku Honourable Mentions-

year’s end

the last bubble

left in my glass


shortest day

the darkness

within me too


Shintai Haiku of Merit-

foggy morning

only the kettle



Rachel Sutcliffe

WHR March 2018