mid day heat

the air heavy

with words







4 thoughts on “midday

  1. Like Zoe, I have been checking your page, Rach, just in case another haiku would be posted. I was amazed to see your work appearing on this blog even after you left us – as if by magic. But then I guess that was tying you to this earth and you needed to soar. Always in my thoughts. xxx



  2. Dearest alien friend,

    These past few months have seemed unreal. I have been following your blog updating regularly with your lovely haikus and it almost seemed like it would go on forever and that as long as it did, you were somewhere close. Not quite here, not very far. This seems to be the last poem that will go up on your blog and I find myself checking it regularly just to make sure. It seems more real now, you’re really gone and there are no just words…

    Lots of love, still in disbelief…

    Zoe (Alien inc)


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