Another Friday another haiku in Hedgerow….enjoy!

hedgerow: a journal of small poems

welcome to the latest issue of hedgerow! thanks everyone for being here, it’s a beautiful thing…

with love & kindness.


wire in the wind
the micro-adjustments
of finches
balancing, my feet too discern
the whisper of cross-breezes


heather blossoms
could my words be
as unpretentious


day’s end talk
dishwater sinking into
hydrangea roots


Patrick Doerksen is a student of social work and lives with his wife in Victoria, Canada, where flowers bloom as early as January and it is very difficult to be unhappy. He writes poetry as a way of experiencing life more fully.


Caroline Skanne, Rochester Uk, escapes reality with her rescued staff puppy tigerlily at the nearby frog pond island. more @ https://www.facebook.com/caroline.skanne.9

library returns
the holiday guidebooks
not quite ready


night shifter’s house
a cat this side
of the curtain


after her funeral
sparrows replace sparrows
on her bird…

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