winter dusk

the fading light

in your eyes



thumb16 (7)


5 thoughts on “winter

  1. Dear Rachel,
    Rest in Peace, and Rest in Power. You were and still are a wonderful poet who will be appreciated for years to come.

    For those new to Rachel, or did not know she passed away recently, and I think the blog will automatically continue to post for a few days, here is some of her work:

    deepest condolences to family and friends,

    Alan Summers
    President, United Haiku and Tanka Society
    co-founder, Call of the Page

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    1. Dear Petrujviljoen,

      Sadly Rachel has passed away recently, but her blog may automatically continue to supply new posts for a while. There will also be some of Rachel’s work still appearing in journals, and definitely some tributes too.

      kind regards,

      Alan Summers


      1. Thank you Allan. Frank confirmed as well. I feel somewhat silly not having known one could schedule a post/s to appear later – not tech savvy. I’ve been following her blog for a while and it will be sad to realise the new posts won’t have the person behind it any longer. Regards, Petru.

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